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Welcome to my Campaign

My latest video from Business Professional Women's Candidate Forum Aug. 8th


Hear some of the issues, why I am running and Let's have a Kitchen Table Chat

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Calvert wins 2nd Straw Poll at Tampa912 County Commission Candidate Forum


Calvert Candidacy Already Scores Victory for County Taxpayers

"I am thrilled that my idea advocating "putting the County checkbook online" will come to fruition sooner rather than later."

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Sharon won a local Republican Straw Poll 55-45% on Saturday, May19th!  Click on Calvert On Campaign Trail to see more.

Sharon recently received notification from Hillsborough County Supervisor of Elections that she qualified by Petition to be on the Ballot in the Primary August 14th.  

I believe...

The most important issue we face as residents of Hillsborough County is how the get the County Job Market moving again! JOBS, JOBS, JOBS! To get working again,  Let’s reduce the costly and burdensome fees and regulations and create an environment for business and entrepreneurs to start a business, expand and prosper.  New Businesses means more Jobs, happier families and more opportunities.  We already have a great climate, nearby beaches, the great outdoors, that have been a magnet for people and businesses to relocate here. However, the warm sun does not make up for an overly burdensome regulatory environment.  Let’s show the state of Florida and the entire country how it’s done and become a model for job creation.

We need to make Hillsborough a magnet for Job Creation by creating an environment for businesses/entrepreneurs to prosper, by keeping the playing field Level and Transparent.  A level playing field consists of lower Taxes, fewer Fees and reduced Regulation for all businesses and entrepreneurs.  The role of government should not be to pick winners and losers.  Rather all businesses should be treated equally.

  1. I believe we need to keep taxes low! We must prioritize the needs to assess what is reasonable and necessary.   I will ask of every program we have, and those being proposed—“is it necessary and can we afford it”.

  2. I believe  we need to reduce/eliminate Burdensome Fees because they are another tax which becomes an obstacle for doing business, or attracting new ones. We need to look at all the Fees and determine whether they are necessary for doing business, are they too high, or are they still needed.

  3. I believe a level playing field consisting of low taxes and reduced regulations for all businesses will turn the job creation magnet back on. We need to remove the regulatory burden upon Entrepreneurs and Business by reducing the red tape within the County. When Businesses find a transparent and level playing field they will find an exciting environment to Prosper in Hillsborough County.

I believe...

  1. The people of Hillsborough County deserve a budget that is understandable and transparent.  It is not enough to put the Budget online for it is only a blueprint. To have real and true transparency we need to put the County checkbook online too! The Citizens have a right to know where their money is being spent and to whom the checks are being written.

  2. I believe in zero based budgeting! County Government faces the unique obstacle of meeting the demands of our Constitutionally Chartered services running effectively and smoothly while maintaining a balanced budget through low taxes. Services such as Public Safety, Waste Management and Schools, which are our cornerstones, need to be properly funded and maintained.  To do this, we must keep our wants within our means. The Burden of Higher Taxes is the net result of increasing our wants beyond our current means. Hillsborough County must keep the scope limited on what we need to do for our citizens by not expanding the size of government beyond what we can afford. Through my project managerial experience I understand what it means to stay on budget, while keeping the costs under control and delivering the best product for the customer-the citizen!

  3. I believe in stopping progressive spending ideas that are destined to fail, and cost enormous sums of taxpayer money. My passion to protect the County taxpayers from boondoggle spending initiated by special interests led me to spearhead getting a Financial Impact Statement Referendum on the ballot. Financial Impact Statements educates you the voter on what the project costs.

  4. I believe Citizens need greater access to the County Commission. Citizens cannot be asked to keep one eye on their job and the other on County Government during the daytime hours, so I propose we alter our meeting schedule to accommodate some evening meetings on a rotating basis.

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